Necessary Quick Change to Realtime Casting Homepage

Did you notice anything different lately about Realtime Casting?

Where did all the slides go? The homepage of Realtime Casting had to undergo a change this past weekend.

Why? We simply needed to focus on the purposes of the homepage:

free SAG AFTRA voice over casting

What existed until last Friday was a slideshow that did more to chase people away from our services than it did invite them in for a look around.

Not a good thing at all.

Baby steps people! Baby steps!

The greatest part about Realtime Casting has to be the fact we only have SAG-AFTRA voice over work. We also understand that those looking for voice actors may not always want to fill out forms. If this is the case, and you would like Realtime to do the job posting for you while we make our website easier to use for you:

Please write us with your requirements for finding voice actors.

We handle the rest for you and make sure you get the best voice actors for your next Union voice over job. Our staff has more than 60-years experience, both offline and online, in voice over casting. We know the troubles of using online casting sites and can help you get around it.

What happened to the content from the slideshow that was removed?

It still exists. We are just rearranging the website, so that everyone looking to cast a SAG-AFTRA voice over job knows that our voice actors are the best, and the casting process is free.

You can still find all the great content via the social media icons available on the homepage.

realtimecasting voice over jobs union jobs

Why the changes?

We had to because something special happened…

In 2013, Realtime Casting posted only SAG-AFTRA voice over jobs with a 68% booking rate through the website. This is a success rate that deserves to be built on because it offers voice actors a better-paying voice over career. Realtime Casting is not a cluttered clearing house resource of thousands of voice actors. We have a limited number of voice talent because we put their success as priority #1.

We will have more updates on changes in the very near future. We hope you will be around to enjoy them! We are not done yet!

By all means, please try us out and let us know what you think!!!

Any thoughts on this blog post?

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