Realtime Casting Founder Looks Back at INXS Documentary

Andrew Peters, voice actor and co-founder of Realtime Casting, revisits his behind the scenes documentary with Australian rock band INXS

History Coming to Life…Again!

28 years after Andrew Peters, co-founder of Realtime Casting made a documentary on INXS while touring the UK and Italy, it has finally aired. 

voice actor

Realtime Casting Co-Founder

It is hard to believe it was nearly three decades ago, yet back in the 1986, INXS was on their first tour of England. Already well-known and loved in Australia and United States, the rock band went to England touring universities and clubs.

Andrew Peters, then a TV host, followed along to create a documentary surrounding the band’s tour, which remained untouched for years until recently.

Read more on this story here! (Andrew Peters appears at :35 seconds)

Life on the road to Wembley Stadium
The documentary by Realtime Casting’s founder shows what it was like to experience life on the road, staying in hotels, rehearsals, and the happenings that come with playing in clubs and universities. Five years after the tour, INXS played in front of 70,000 people at Wembley Stadium

The VIMEO Proof…for INXS fans
The following video comes from Rockmans Creative Media. Unfortunately, the documentary was never given the green light to proceed and sat in an edit suite unwatched for years.

Guess who this sharp-dressed young guy is sporting the 80’s hair!
Realtime Casting’s own, Andrew Peters!

voice actor

You can listen to his recent radio interview here with Triple M, 104.7

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