Realtime Casting Offers “We Miss You!” Discount

Are you looking to audition for union voice over work? You may like this…

The staff at Realtime Casting is offering a “We Miss You!” discount for voice talent. The discount you may wonder?

Note: Offer only eligible until April 1st, 2014 for voice talent previously subscribed to Realtime Casting. If you are interested in Realtime Casting as a voice talent or agent, please contact us!

Why offer this discount now?

voice over discount subscription

We miss you! The year 2014 looks to be a year of growth and change for Realtime Casting. We are looking to make updates to our website, in order to support what you want most: The best paying voice over work out there that provides assistance in a voice over career with the best work at an affordable price!

We would love to hear your opinions about what you think we can do better. It would be great to know what you think can improve the voice over industry and Realtime Casting.

About Realtime Casting

Realtime Casting is a professional casting service and directory offered for producers to work with quality, professional voice actors and agents.

Realtime Casting communicates with producers and agents. Then, the staff posts voice over jobs themselves to help producers run auditions.

We work with a limited number of voice actors supported by agents and post only union voice job listings.

What does this mean?

This means we put a cap on the amount of voice talent we work with to avoid cattlecall auditions. We still communicate with the agents of these voice talent to keep them in the audition process. We do this to focus on posting union voice jobs, only, that offer career-minded pay for the experienced voice actor.

There are do-it-yourself websites that exist and they are great for what they provide. But Realtime Casting wants to offer a personal touch. Our work is focused solely on union voice over jobs and posted for producers by the staff.

We work with great connections making sure voice actors can have amazing jobs to read for, while producers enjoy not needing to learn how to use confusing technology to do a simple voice casting.

Realtime Casting wants to make it easier to find the best voice actors!

In 2013, all voice over jobs posted on Realtime Casting were union. This was made possible by Realtime Casting staff hand-selecting the jobs producers were trying to post. We made the choice to work only with a specific level of experience, so voice actors could subscribe to do the same.

We are looking to do the same and more in 2014. We are committed to the future of a better voice over industry!

If you have any questions about this blog, please contact us through our homepage.

Time to keep the voice over work real with Realtime Casting!

1 thought on “Realtime Casting Offers “We Miss You!” Discount

  1. Interesting blog. Not quite sure why I got it. I have been out of the biz for some time and although I’d like to get back in it I am currently living in Canada and not a member of any union.


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