Voice Over Competition Can Be Healthy

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!!
A little competition can be a healthy thing. How each of us handles competition can be a direct link to the success or the failure of our careers. You can, however, increase your chances of coming out on top in the voice over or voice casting game by creating a competitive edge. Having a competitive edge means possessing an advantage over your competition. This calls for some solid strategic planning.

Realtime Casting provides voice over casting services for professional voice actors, agents, and clients. We aim to offer a personalized voice casting experience, professional voice over work for the career-minded voice actor, and provided quality voice actors for professional clients and agents.

realtime casting

Remember, winning companies such as Realtime Casting and our members, all top voice actors, did not achieve success by accident. A closer look reveals that most have zeroed in on a unique approach to meet their customers’ needs, values and expectations. They have found a fresh spin, a new way to offer incentives that other voice casting companies or voice talents either cannot or do not offer.

Competitive Edge
Realtime Casting offers a competitive edge, but maintaining it is a daily challenge. It requires us to forecast where the trends and changes in the voice over industry will come from, and what Realtime Casting can do to stay ahead of the game. We recognize that our customers, global advertising agencies, and independent producers need change.
Realtime Casting and voice actors must be flexible and willing to change as well. Accurately forecasting new trends, as well as which trends are here to stay and which will be gone tomorrow, gives you a huge leg up on the competition. How do you, a career-minded voice actor forecast trends without a crystal ball? The best way is to talk to experts in your given industry, like all of us who created Realtime Casting.


Outside Factors
Here are some definite outside factors you should be aware of that will most likely affect your business in the future:

Realtime’s owners and staff have been in the voice business all our professional lives. The 1980s were different from the ’90s, which were different from the ‘2000s, right? Lifestyles change with time. Trends come and go. Predicting what will be important in people’s lives down the road is no small feat, but it can be achieved and can make you very rich.

Technology is the Answer

realtime casting
Technology changes all the time and fast. It is crucial that you keep up with it. Once some new and viable technology enters your industry, do not ignore it out of loyalty to an older technology. Be sure to grab hold of it because if you do not, most likely your competitors will. Like you, they do not want to be left behind. If you can see changes coming, be the first to get in, and you may be able to win over and keep your competitors’ customers, their agents and SAG-AFTRA…Realtime Casting is the Realtime answer!

Realtime Casting is designed to accurately reflect the real voice over industry. We believe it is “Time to keep it real in voice over work!” We are the only free union advocate and union supported casting site with the knowledge to fulfill the wants and needs of the voice over industry. Changes are coming to the Realtime Casting website in 2014. We want to improve your experience and attract bigger and better clients.

Committed to a better future for the voice over industry!

It is time to keep it real with Realtime Casting!

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