Stick Together! Voice-Overs are a Team Effort

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success!

Voice overs are a process. It’s not just the voice talent who is being asked to deliver. It’s a team effort that includes the support of the audio engineer. He or she can be a valuable asset in getting the read just right.

As a talent you may have seen the script in advance, the audio engineer is often seeing the script for the first time when the session begins. Chances are your engineer has a good idea or two – take advantage of it.

Your audio engineer’s ears are different than yours. You are concentrating on style, the inflection, and pace of the voice over. What you may miss are the popped P’s, the sibilant S’s, or any breaks in the voice. You can‘t always count on your ears to pick up on these imperfections. That’s why it’s always good to have the ears of your audio engineer around to make sure that the quality of the read is perfect.

Your audio engineer is really good at hearing the stuff you don’t. Stick together! Voice over sessions usually involve some editing. Audio engineers tend to become very clever at editing copy, particularly when it involves getting the script to read to time. Sometimes less is more. Your audio engineer can help you bring that brilliant 60+ second script in at 58.5.

In every voice over session, it’s important that the director and the voice talent connect. Often your engineer will have experience in working with a voice talent or a writer/ producer from other sessions.Your audio engineer speaks both Voice Talent-ese and Agency-speak. Stick together!

Everyone at a voice-over session has their own area of expertise. Your audio engineer is there to help you get a great voice over. Trust them and stick together!


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