Wanna Hear it Again?

In 1982, Joe Sedelmaier from the Ally & Gargano ad agency created a 60-second TV commercial that was “absolutely, positively” one of the best commercials ever created. The spot called “Fast Paced World” featured the fast-talking (450+ words per minute) John Moschitta, Jr..  According to Advertising Age magazine, the “Fast-Talker” campaign ranked No. 11 in the Top 100 Advertising Campaigns of the 20th century.

Dove+ Men’s Care’s UAE office asked RTC to find a “fast-talking” American for their radio campaign.

Jim Kennelly of Lotas Productions NYC and RTC says,” I loved casting this spot. I worked with John Moschitta Jr. in the 80’s. He was unbelievably talented and a great guy. I was blown away when I heard RTC Member Craig Wollman’s (Innovative Artists NY) audition. RTC offers talents a chance to audition in styles that showcase their range to producers, casting houses, and maybe even their agent. Craig was perfect for our client and he really delivered in the session.”

Take a listen! But, you may have to play it twice…

Craig in action at Lotas Productions:

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