Audition Tips

Realtime Casting is designing the voiceover industry of the future. To support industry change, RTC has produced a series of web videos covering different types of home studios, microphones and successful auditioning practices. RTC management, with over 30 years of professional voice over experience, along with SagAftra voice coaches and artists have teamed up to offer advice, insights, and tips to help today’s voice over talents take control of their careers.

View our video: Auditioning Best Practices and the entire series in the RTC Members Lounge or on YouTube.

1) Every audition is a job interview.  It is your first impression to a producer.

2) Producers are very busy today. If there is anything wrong with your file they will move to the next voiceover. They don’t have time to listen to an audio track that has low levels, background noise, or too many similar takes. Time is an important element in the voiceover business today.

3) Do not overproduce your takes with effects. If you have a good mic you can correctly capture your true voice.

4) Before you submit your audition listen to it! Present your voice at its very best and in the right format. Make sure you have slated your name properly, your audio file starts quickly and that  there are no odd edits.

5) The standard settings for your audition files are MP3, Mono, 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz and 16 bit.

6) When labeling a file use : Project Name_Your Name.mp3.

7) Deliver your work on time. Make certain you submit your audition in the correct format, labeled properly and before posted deadlines to get your voice heard.

So remember these tips when you receive an invitation to audition for a new project that matches your profile and success will follow!

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