In A World… 12 Hours Away?

How soon till movie trailer and promo voiceover sessions require a 12 hour time difference?Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin, is China’s richest man and wants to give Hollywood a run for its money. Dalian Wanda Group, his entertainment giant, plans to spend 50 billion Yuan, that’s 8.2 billion voiceover friends, to build Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, a development that will include movie studios and beachfront hotels. Citing projections that Chinese box office revenues will double North Americas within a decade; his aim is to create a new Tinsel town. This past September, at a premier in Qingdao, a northeastern coastal city best known for Tsingtao beer, the likes of Nicole Kidman and Leo DiCaprio attended movie shindigs. Last year, Dalian Wand Group purchased AMC Entertainment, the largest U.S. movie theater operator. So, be ready to work 24/7 in the expanding global voiceover world of the very near future!

Movie trailer image 01

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