RTC Picks Up Al Blevis!

Voiceover superstar Alan Bleviss of DBA says his first big VO gig was for Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and he has never looked back.

Alan has been the voice of AT&T, American Express Gold, New York Life, Excedrin, Dean Witter, Piedmont Airlines and for eighteen years the signature “We’ll Pick You Up” voice of Enterprise Rent-a-Car! A few of his classic movie trailers: Scarface, Cotton Club, Cinema Paradiso, The Postman, Flashdance, Days of Heaven, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Ragtime, Dirty Dancing and so many more. In addition, Alan has been a go to voice of the Democratic Party for Presidential races and many other national campaigns. Narrations? You name it, Discovery, PBS, Animal Planet, History Channel, TNT and ABC.

It’s been a great career, and Alan keeps going. RTC caught up with him at his home studio in Arizona!

1) How has Realtime Casting been beneficial to you and what are some of its advantages?

Realtime Casting has brought auditions from around the world to my door. International jobs existing in the English speaking world are available to be auditioned exclusively on RTC. In the past, jobs that existed on the west coast never even reached performers in NYC. RTC is the future. Now it is easy to reach VO’s and have them audition your script from around the world in a matter of days.

2) What is the difference in working in Arizona over NYC?

The only difference of working in Arizona over New York is we are two to three hours earlier here and if a producer needs to work at nine, yes I have begun at 6 A.M. Winters here are wonderful and there is no ice, snow or slush on the streets and the pace here is much, much slower. My son told me, when I am driving, let the other drivers do as they will and DO NOT give them the New York finger,

3) As an expert in home studio’s for quite some time now what are some tips you can give to a up and coming voice talent to make their studio the best it can be?

When I first had my home studio, about twenty years ago, I used the quietest part of my basement. Once I purchased a booth that changed everything. I’ve kept it on all my moves from NYC to the New Jersey suburbs, then back to NYC. Now it is right behind me, here in Arizona. My best piece of advice for your home studio is to purchase the best microphone for your voice. If you have been doing VO’s for some time, you know which microphone you sound best with and that is where your investment should go. Mine is a U 87, also the mike used in most studios, so pick ups match quite easily.

4) Now we know you’re a big North Carolina Tar Heels hoops fan, how do you think they’ll do this year? And what are your feelings for the new teams joining the ACC?

You know I am a fanatic Tar Heels fan!!! This is still a rebuilding year, with the majority of the team last year being freshmen. Rarely had they ever started a freshman in the past, but last year was an almost complete turn-over, with the twins changing schools and juniors entering the draft, so there was no choice, but to use the players you have, ready or not. With the new teams entering the ACC, UNC has a good chance of chalking up some wins, but the new teams will get a good look and feel of what it takes to play in the ACC and how difficult it is to win a game. GO HEELS!!!


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