5 Ways to get Busy in Voiceovers!

1. Give Producers more “Bang for their Buck”

Producers are working harder and doing the jobs of two or three people. This provides voice over artists with an opportunity. If you create a reputation as a talent who can make a job easier, producers will look to hire you time and time again. Offer a professional sound and clean edited takes. Producers will take all the help they can get!

2. Don’t Sell yourself Short

Even with the emergence of less expensive voice talents and pay-to-play sites, clients will always pay for quality. A professionalvoice will still win out over amateurs when it comes to critical projects. Equitable rates never go out of style. Thevoice still makes the brand!

3. It’s Getting Mighty Crowded

Technology has made it easier for anyone to get into the “voice game.” Like any profession, the pretenders and amateurs eventually fade away or are weeded out. We are experiencing a peak in people pursuing voice work.  In the end, professional and real talent will win out!

4. Stand Out From The Crowd

Acting has become a key to securing voice work. By showing versatility you may find yourself on the top of many producers “go to” lists. A good way to start is by taking improv classes.

5. The Future of Voiceovers

Getting yourself ready for the future of voiceovers is essential. Creating a home studio, where you can quickly respond and deliver high quality auditions a finished edited recording is essential. The voiceover market is global and producers need voices 24 hours a day. Be prepared to seek out work in new media and expanding voiceover markets for yourself. Traditional voice casting is too slow and fragmented for new-age, fast paced global producers.

Remember to get your voice heard! 



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