Voiceover’s in the Digital Age

From the classic 1960’s Mad Men days of reel-to-reel recording to today’s Global Mega Agencies and home studio digital recording, the casting of voice actors  has played an important role in advertising.

Traditional Sag-Aftra union voiceover casting through a franchised talent agency still plays a vital role in today’s industry. However, for pro-active voice actors, there are a growing number of new opportunities to brand yourself and have your voice heard.

Producers and casting agents need access to top global voices and be able to quickly and accurately find, audition and cast the right voice. Talents are looking to gain global exposure to new producers in all categories of the voiceover industry. A proactive talent wants to create their own customized online profile with demos, photos, and searchable keywords. New technology allows for instant auditions. Voice artists can receive a script on their phone, record a high quality MP3 audition and send it back to the producer in minutes. This combination of speed and technology in the voice industry has led to a growth in demand for online casting and the importance of individual voice talent branding.

For professional voice actors technology arrives with benefits and disadvantages. The emergence of pay-to-play sites, where anyone who calls themselves a voice actor can “pay” to be listed and offer their services directly to a producer, has taken a portion of low end jobs off the market. Young producers, who haven’t been mentored in traditional union voice casting, often turn to quick turnaround online voiceover sites. In general, professional talents need to be set up to respond to booking requests at a speed that matches the fast-paced world in which new producers live.

The building of solid relationships that help to streamline the voiceover industry will ensure its future is strong. As a professional voice actor you need to take action to make connections with new producers. The building of positive relationships and the creation of a personal brand will help you find and maintain bookings in new markets with new producers. Online casting provides a superstore solution offering exposure for voice actors to networks, ad agencies, production and branding companies and independent producers. There are many signals that online equitable union casting will be the beginning of an industry-changing platform that heralds the future of the voice industry not just in the USA, but globally.  Finding more work is up to you, so be proactive make connections and get your voice heard.

ferrograph globalization-edudemic

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