RTC Levels the Voiceover Playing Field

RTC knows “voice-overs is a global business, it makes no difference where you are.”

RTC NY Director Dylan Tishler says, “The young producers who turn to RTC to find their voice don’t think twice when we tell them the voice you cast has a professional home studio, all they ask is if the sound is great and can they connect to them.”

Recently, RTC auditioned and cast four SagAftra projects that were booked by talents in New Orleans, Pensacola, Boulder and Paris, France.

Pittsburgh Playhouse was looking for a dramatic female voice. After listening to voices from NY, Chicago, LA and SF, they cast Mara Junot (ACM) to record the TV voice-over from her home studio in New Orleans.

The Chicago Board of Exchange needed a strong male voice for their new radio campaign. Zak Miller in Pensacola, Florida got the gig.

Northlich Advertising in Cinncinati was casting for Schneck Medical Health Seminars and Boulder, Colorado-based Jason Watt won the audition. On a happy side note: Jason had been a member of RTC for just one week.

And to top off a great week, Vistaprint needed a French Parisian voice for their Euro holiday campaign. We auditioned voices in NY, LA and Paris and by using the RTC global studio registry, booked Jeremy Da into the top Paris facility, Studio Guillaume Tell, for Vistaprint.

OK, Paris isn’t a “smaller” market, but the voice-over playing field is leveling. If you have the talent, professional equipment and a great sounding room, Realtime Casting connects you to new producers and emerging voice-over opportunities.

Zak Miller-1MaraJunotJason Watt-Schneck Session

Left: Zak Miller for CBOE, Right: Mara Junot for Pittsburgh Playhouse, Bottom: Jason Watt for Schneck Medical Health

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