Realtime Casting Supports Sagaftra

Realtime Casting supports a strong Union. We encourage all RTC members and friends to vote by August 15. We are currently featuring each organization to help you make an informed decision.

Our first feature is NY Coalition for Unity!

The New York Coalition for Unity brings together proven leaders from both SAG and AFTRA. We’re committed to fulfilling the promise of merger: stronger contracts, effective organizing and improved benefits.

NYC4U members have already begun delivering on these promises:
NYC4U leaders have negotiated every major contract under SAG-AFTRA’s jurisdiction – 27 of our candidates have served on negotiations. We know that strong contracts are the backbone of a strong union and we’ve worked hard to deliver them.
Eight NYC4U leaders served on the first major SAG-AFTRA negotiation and brought home a fantastic Commercials Contract with almost a Quarter of a Billion Dollars in increases, and contract changes that are already bringing more work to SAG-AFTRA members. We have working TV & Film actors on our team, and we fully intend to make sure that next year’s TV & Film negotiations are equally successful – securing significant gains and making adjustments that will keep our contracts relevant in our growing, changing industry.
NYC4U members spearheaded the organization of Audiobooks, putting millions of dollars into members’ pockets, and transforming the Audiobook landscape.
NYC4U has Trustees on our team, who are already striving to improve your benefits and can take your concerns directly to the H&R Trustee Boards.
Our name may be new to you, but NYC4U leaders have been working hard on your behalf for many years. For more on our accomplishments and our plans go to
Because we don’t just say we’re going to lead. We do it.

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