The Voice Guy’s Take on RTC

Mike Bratton is one of Realtime Casting’s premier commercial and radio imaging voices. He discussed how he is using the new promo and radio imaging services Realtime Casting is providing!

1) What drew you to Realtime Casting and what do you like about it?

Honestly, I have always enjoyed working with Jim and Marion Kennelly, so when I realized they were the NYC folks running the site, I signed up right away. It seems like a pretty cool way to go. It is better in many ways than the P2P sites out there right now. RTC focuses on getting the gigs that would often go non-union, back to being Union jobs. It’s really great, and there are some pretty cool auditions. I’ve only really just begun to delve further into it in its now, in my second year with RTC. I am excited about the new addition of the promo and imaging sections, as I will use that as a platform to advertise to more radio stations and promo producers.

2) What projects are you currently working on?

I’m always working on ALL kinds of stuff, but I’m the voice of Fox Business Network, so I’m pretty busy with that every day. I also am the main voice of NickToons and I still do some projects for TeenNick. Most recently I’ve done the TV and Theatrical trailer campaign for the upcoming movie “The To Do List” Starring Bill Hader and Aubrey Plaza. Oh, and I’m also the voice on several Vonage commercials, and the promo voice for Anger Management on FX. I also do a handful of radio station’s imaging as well!  I’m sure there’s more, but that’s the majority of things at the moment…why, you have something for me?

3) Heard you have a new son congratulations! How has being a new dad changed your voiceover business? 

THANKS! Yeah, we had a little boy back in December…Elliott’s his name, and he’s amazing. I don’t know that being a Dad has changed my voiceover business, but it has certainly changed the way I look at EVERYTHING. It’s making me take many long looks at new avenues for voice gigs audiobooks and narration for instance, two areas I would never have thought of a few years ago, and it also just makes me really enjoy the fact that I have the time in the day to spend some quality moments with my son in the mornings before he goes to daycare…and I’m always home when he and his Mom come in after she picks him up from work. It’s really great!


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