Sugar, Spice and Expert Advice

Realtime Casting members Alison Chace and Grace Garland do more than just voiceovers.


Realtime Casting visited the set at Toshi in NYC to support members Alison Chace and Grace Garland as they begun production on a webseries dealing with modern relationships. Alison and Grace joined the RTC community because they wanted to be involved with a forward thinking company that promotes and supports talents.

Alison Chace says, “Jim Kennelly. a founder and partner of RTC is hands down the best in the voice-over production business in NYC. He is incredibly experienced,  kind, honest, ultra professional and his “rolodex” of talent and industry professionals is golden. I have been working in NYC as an actress with Abrams since 1996 and have found the more experienced I get, the more discretionary I have become. RTC is a class act and the type of group I want to be associated with.”

Alison Chace is a tv host, commercial actress and Voice-over talent with Abrams and RTC. She believes that the best thing an actor can do is create their OWN projects, because sitting by the phone waiting for a booking, well, sucks. C’mon, even Brad Pit has his own production company! Her favorite side-gigs include performing in an Improv troupe and creating short comedy videos for Will Ferrel’s
Her latest video project is a web-series collaboration with RTC’s Grace Garland and Mary Crosbie, based on Grace’s hilarious book Loneliness Makes You Stupid. Grace’s book is a treasure trove of vignettes in the same vein as Sex In The City. Grace plays the wise fairy god-mother and Alison plays the single gal who just can’t get it right. Mary, she plays the straight man observer, who is bored by it all.

Romantic mishaps are among the topics  Alison enjoys exploring. She is the creator and producer of the popular relationship sites and, both on-line destinations for women who are seeking more gratifying relationships.

Wings – watch more funny videos

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