Sara Van Beckum Connects with Realtime Casting

Realtime Casting is helping its members extend their reach into new digital markets by providing an easy to use online audition service. RTC member Sara Van Beckum, (Abrams Artists) is a well known New York  and LA voiceover talent. Recently Sara moved to Portland, Oregon with her partner Karen Gilliam (Innovative Artists) another successful voice artist.They have been busy building a full studio (ISDN, phone patch, etc.) in Portland, and have already begun recording new spots! Sara said she joined RTC because of Lotas Productions involvement.” I knew Jim and Marion Kennelly were the real deal so It could only help to join up! And it’s been great – very easy to upload auditions through the site. And whenever I have questions, I get answers right away.”

They are excited about spending time in Portland and still getting to do the work that both of us have been doing for decades in NYC. Sara plans to come back to NYC regularly to see her clients and also to continue to see casting directors from time to time. And of course to visit all the friends and family she has here!

Sara is currently the voice of Royal Caribbean, Kleenex, Nikon, Purina, and Clairol Nice n Easy, among others!


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