Real Time Casting

Check out what Member Cristina Baker Woods has to say on Realtime Casting!

Cristina Baker Woods

As a professional voice-over artist, I can’t say enough good things about my latest discovery- Real Time Casting.  They only accept union talent so if you’re SAG-AFTRA like me, keep reading… I signed up last week on Thursday and created a profile where I was able to upload my headshot, voice-over demos, and write a bit about my voice type and myself in general.  It was all very user friendly and the result looks great.  I especially like that I can be found with key works like “Spanish”.  Here is the best part: on Friday (the NEXT DAY), I received two auditions!  I was sent copy to record and send back as MP3’s, which I did over the weekend so that they would have it by today (Monday).  I’d say that is a very impressive result, especially for union work, which as we all know is not easy to…

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