Realtime Casting Simplifies Casting for BKP Music Dubai

BKP Music, an international production company based in Dubai, was looking to hire a top American voice for their Chevy commercials in the UAE. BKP turned to Realtime Casting to contact talent agencies and find a voice through RTC’s voiceover superstore. BKP Music needed to quickly pinpoint the perfect voice and help figuring out the union rates. Through RTC’s  advance search options they were able to narrow the field and hire Tom Spackman with CESD NY. RTC then simplified the payment process for BKP. Acting as a paymaster they crunched the numbers for the international company and gave them the rate. BKP Music booked Spackman and production was underway!

BKP Music is looking for American voices again! Auditions due, Thursday 5:30 EST for a two Ford Explorer radio spots in the UAE. Don’t miss your chance to book!

                                                SPACKMAN 2

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