Jessica Wachsman’s Take on Realtime Casting

I decided to join RTC, because they have a true grip on the VO industry… where it’s been, and where it’s going. They know the voiceover production process inside and out. For a voice talent like me, they have made it a breeze to find and respond to auditions that I know are legitimate.

RTC does all the tough legwork – and I know I can trust that anything that goes through them is on the up and up. I’m delighted to be a member!

Along with being active in the voiceover industry Jessica has been developing a new site

I decided it was time to switch things up, and to create a new site that would wow my viewers and listeners with a truly UNIQUE, fresh vibe… one that represents my sound and the VO experience I’ve gained over the years. I wanted it to be stimulating, both visually and audio-wise, to wow my visitors with a site that hasn’t already been “done”, and keep them really interested and engaged as they visit all of the different pages.

Check out Jessica’s new site Jessica’s Voices! Jessica is a valued member of Realtime Casting’s versatile and proactive community.

Listen in for Jess on this UWalk spot


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